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Enterprise Architecture, SOA, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Virtualization...

Here are just some of the services we can provide:
  • Contracting and Consultancy services
  • Consult us by the hour
  • Respond to Enterprise Architecture and SOA questions
  • On-line Training
  • Whitepapers and Presentations
An one hour consultation is offered on any EA topic at USD 75 temporary rate.

Adrian Grigoriu is a top executive consultant in Enterprise Strategy and Architecture. His last job is Chief Architect of TM Forum, an organization providing a reference Integrated Business Architecture Framework, best practices and standards for the telecommunications and digital media industries.  

Used to work in  High Technology, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy as a  Senior Manager in Accenture and Vodafone UK and as a principal consultant and lead architect at Qantas, Logica, Lucent Bell Labs and Nokia. 

Published the book “An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework” available at Trafford and Amazon, chaired, moderated and presented at a few Enterprise Architecture conferences and published articles with BPTrends, Microsoft Architecture Journal and the EI magazine.

We provide consultancy, training, information, answers to your questions...

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