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Business Drivers

What are the main drivers for your business today? Of course the business has to return value to all its stakeholders: owners, employees, community... 
But are the main categories of issues a business always has to have in perspective. I would classify them in a few categories: 

1. Streamline current Operations 
Activities: automate as much as possible, reduce redundancies in function, process, platform and projects, reduce the tangled, spaghetti architecture, document current business functionality and implementation to get in control of your business 

2. Built the Enterprise for the future (the Strategic view) 
Analyze trends (industry, economical, social, political and regulatory, technological) and plan your strategy and business models accordingly (market segments, products, costs, new technology capabilities) 

3. Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility to be a community and environment friendly and compliant enterprise 

4. Improve customer satisfaction reflected in enhanced and new products, better customer response and relationship 

5. And last but not least, increase profit and reduce costs for your stakeholders (the financial view)