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Solution Architecture

Most key projects change your Enterprise structure. The Enterprise Architecture (EA)itself, reflecting the Enterprise structure, evolves, changes with each successful project, even if not documented. 

Every project has a timeline delivering at various implementation milestones, starting from an As-Is state of a few systems in the Enterprise towards a Vision state through a few transition states. Frequently, a project has to take into account all concurrent changes, outcome of all other on-going or even future implementation projects, through many communication channels. 

With an Enterprise Architecture in place, every project would document changes and update the EA. Hence, EA records all changes in the Enterprise and becomes the single source of updated information for all developments. By consulting this single reference, the EA, all other projects can take stock of changes in the current architecture as soon as planned or implemented. 

The target state of the Enterprise is sketched, dictated by your Strategy. This target Enterprise state will have to be equally recorded in the EA so that the end project design would take into account the changes in your end goals.